Sunday, May 24, 2009

My baby is almost 1

Casey (most of the time) loovvvves standing by himself.. He has taken steps by himself.. Just not walking yet.

He loves playing with the phone too.. He'll pick it up, put it to his ear and say "hi"

Fishin trip!

Almost two weeks ago my Dad, Kaiya, Casey, and I loaded up in my car and went fishin'.
We didnt really expect to get anything. We were only there for a few mins (dad hadn't even got my line in) when Kaiya caught a big one!

I caught the next one.. We couldn't believe how big it was!!!
(this picture is funny because Kaiya at the last minute decided she wanted in the picture.. )

(In this picture the fish flopped making my dad drop him and of course Kaiya freaked out.)

My face looks funny because the fish was heavy!!! I was trying sooo hard to smile and lift... haha

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a thought!

So yesterday, I was listening to Michael Medved (yes I am a Medhead and yes I am addicted to talk radio.) ---
He was talking about religion and had an atheist on debating public prayer. A caller called in and said something that I LOVED so I thought I would share really quick....
The caller asked "Whats more ridiculous... Believing in something you cannot see? Or being offended by something you do not believe in?."

Point made!!!